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Hypnobirthing Myths Busted!

Mythbusting Hypnobirthing! There are so many silly notions about what Hypnobirthing is and what it promises. Read more about the reality of Hypnobirthing. #hypnobirthing #mythsbusted #antenatal #calm #labour #birth

I Won’t Be In Control of My Mind or Body

People often imagine that hypnobirthing is similar to stage hypnosis, which is done for entertainment purposes. This is not the type of hypnosis used in hypnobirthing. When you learn and utilise hypnobirthing techniques, you will remain fully conscious and retain control of your mind and body. The techniques you and your birth partner use include scripts to encourage a deep state of deep relaxation. Other techniques include listening to relaxing music and learning deep breathing and visualisation techniques. The combination of these techniques enable you to enter a state of deep calm and confidence in the progress of your pregnancy, labour and birthing process.

Being In a State of Hypnosis Isn’t Safe

As hypnobirthing is a tool to enhance calmness, relaxation, and confidence, it is completely safe. An important part of the course is learning about you and your partner’s role in the birthing process. We recognise the importance of informed decision making throughout your pregnany, labour and birth. Therefore, a fundamental aspect of the hypnobirthing course involves the provision of information in line with the World Health Organisation’s birth recommendations. Hypnobirthing empowers you to ask questions and to make fully informed choices and decisions with all the facts laid out before you. In this way, you will be fully involved in the decision making process during your pregnancy, labour and birth.

Hypnobirthing Will Ensure I Have a "Natural" and Pain Free Delivery

ceWhilst hypnobirthing will make a positive difference to your birth experience, it does not guarantee a natural birth or pain free delivery. All births don’t go to plan. What hypnobirthing does is to provide you with choice, control, confidence, calm and comfort. Hypnobirthing will enable you to achieve the best birth possible for you, whatever your birth experience.

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