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"Due Dates" - A Misconception

In hypnobirthing, we do not use the term 'due date', as this implies that the calculation is accurate.  The World Health Organisation state that anything between 37 and 42 weeks is to be considered average. In the UK, full-term pregnancy is generally considered to be 40 weeks. This means that you may be invited to have an induction if your baby has not been born shortly after this date. However, before considering an induction, it is important to be informed on exactly what is involved, and whether or not you think it is what is right for you.

The NICE Guidelines are below, and it is also recommended that you read the article on Sara Wickham's website, and read the AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services) booklet: 'Inducing Labour - Making Informed Decisions'.

NICE Guidelines on Induction of Labour

  • ‘Induction of labour has a large impact on the health of women and their babies, and so needs to be clearly clinically justified.’

  • ‘If a woman chooses not to have induction of labour, her decision should be respected. Healthcare professionals should discuss the woman’s care wither from then on.

  • From 42 weeks, women who decline induction of labour should be offered increased antenatal monitoring consisting of at least twice-weekly cardiotocography and ultrasound estimation of maximum amniotic pool depth.’

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